David8M and Dara

David8M was born in Geneva in 1983. He was influenced as a kid by TV shows including European, American and Japanese comics. Working in the pop culture and videogames industry since he was 14 years old, he managed to transform his passion to work by creating Polymanga convention in Switzerland and Art to Play convention in Nantes. The goal of his life is to entertain people, that's why he decided to launch a new concept of social interactive comic "8-options". He is the producer and scriptwritter of the project.
Dara is an author living in Paris. He was already drawing being a toddler. He was enjoying European and American Comics and animation. He discovered later Japanese comics which fires up his passion for drawing. He got involved for years in the fanzine community, running between different cons. In 2002, he created Onigiri association which published and sold doujinshis in Japan during the Comicket for instance. In 2009, he decided to leave the videogames industry, for which he was worked for during many years, to make his first manga, Appartement 44, published by Ankama Editions. In 2013 he decides to start the 8-options adventure with David8M. He is the main comic artist for 8-options.